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Smile you are a hero now

Put a smile on your face.

It will reduce space between us.

It will reduce the space outside our head and the world inside your head.

You are a hero now.

Got battle scars to prove it.

They are called medals.

You are a hero now.

When people say.

The brave men and women they mean you.

You survived physical bullets racing towards you.

But the once in your dreams kill you every day.

You hold the memories of lost friends.

A memorial for the world to see.

You still hold their bodies.

Recreating every moment.




You left the war.

Returning back to the perceived safety.

A new war started.

PTSD is just another way of saying wars after effect.

PTSD is just another war movie.

The difference you are always the lead character.

The Plot never ends in sunshine and roses.

I write this as a war child.

But I have never held a gun.

Point it a soul.

Pull the trigger.

And see a whole family world change.

All the while your body count makes your mind sicker.

your mental walls get thicker.

While the bomb that is your brain is one trigger pull away from exploding.

Causing people to grieve a living body but a dead soul.

I am writing this as a war child.

But I have never had death outside my door.

Knowing every day may be your last.

You entered the battlefield and you never left it.

What I know is this.

The pain gets easier.

Your battle scars will represent your strength.

I know the war never stops, but how you fight it changes.

Instead of a fist or a bottle.

A hug.

And a, I am bigger than my PTSD.

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