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My name is Sydney, I am a poet and writer

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sydney is a Siera Leonean born writer, who was born during the Sierra Leonean civil war he specialises in poetry. His poems cover a wide range of racial, youth advocacy and war.  Sydney has worked in youth advocacy for the last six years, he has been a playworker, coached athletics and been a teaching assistant, this gives sydney an insight into the lives of young people that enhances the reach of his youth advocacy poems. 

Sydney is a published poet, podcast host (Thando writing, available on Spotify), and host on the Sway vine.

This website contains resources to help poets of all ages and experiences; the website also contains articles about influential people of underrepresented groups, with an accompanying poem.

Sydney loves writing personalised pieces for people, to request a personalised piece, contact details are available on this website and C.v and portfolio are available on request.

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Chung Tu

Sydney wrote me a short poem for my athletics group. His writing style is very unique and I was impressed by how he managed to use words to create emotions and feelings. Excellent job, I’d highly recommend.

Perdio amor

Mis metáforas no pueden escapar de la realidad de la angustia Me dejan pensando en ella y en lo que podría haber sido Los hijos que...

Black smile

I recently saw a video of Black lives matter protesters dancing. What they did inspired me to write this poem. Black person smile. you...

Black Shout

Let me reveal a secret. Black people are experts at voice control. We can suppress our voice in a whisper. Knowing when we shout we can...

The black experience

The black experience is singing as is if it was like breathing air. The black experience is dancing as if it was the battery to our...


A dedication to all the black lives that have suffered. Change happens by want or by need. George Floyd change by need. Philando Castile...

Black tears

Black tears Sometimes being black means we should hold back our tears. Fight our fears. Every time showing the power our melanin...

My black story

contains one swear word My black story My black story has a personality disorder. To be honest black for me was not me. Sad to say I used...

Smile you are a hero now

Put a smile on your face. It will reduce space between us. It will reduce the space outside our head and the world inside your head. You...

Read between the lines

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