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Lessons learned from life

One, black is beautiful.

Two, African is beautiful.

I have both so I am overflowing with beauty.

Three, friends hold value in your heart.

So chose your friends wisely as they can become your extended family.

Problems always arise if you choose wrongly.

Problems are solved when you are found and helped by true friends.

Four, there are days when you will look in the mirror and say.

We are broken.

We are scarred.

But like fine art, where its imperfections add to its beauty.

We are not meant to be perfect.

Take your broken and scars.

Realise that they are a small part of the masterpiece you are.

Five, never let others value your worth.

Six, never let others determine your happiness.

Seven, the ending of aspects of your life is the start of something better.

Eight, the ending of a dream means it has become a reality.

Dream again.

Always dream.

Never give up on your dreams.

Life is too short not to dream about all the things you can become.

Lastly, let the words “I am beautiful” to be a permanent resident in your mouth.

The world can say it to you and it will mean nothing.

Say it to yourself and you will always find happiness.

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